Corporate Awards Event
3 day event in June, Laulasmaa SPA Hotel, TALLINN, Estonia

The event inlcuded Gala Dinner & Awards in Laulasmaa SPA Hotel, I-pad Game in Laulasmaa, Tour with beer tasting in Tallinn, Midsummer Dinner & Celebration with bone fire, traditionalal music and food in tent by the sea.
"Once again thank you for your help. Our clients are very satisfied with the event outcome.
Hope to work with you again very soon."
Event Agency from Poland



International Conference, RIGA, Latvia
Support for 2-day Conference in H2O venue with number of participants close to 200, including illuminating furniture and techinical support, sounds & lights, catering, evening awards ceremony with live music performance, DJ and evening party.


Annual Corporate Christmas Dinners


BARN (Baltic Antibiotic Resistance collaborative Network) Workshop 
3 day workshop in May, RIGA, Latvia
"Regarding the workshop: We were very satisfied. You did an amazing job, both before and during the meeting. I would gladly recommend you or use your services again!"
Emily Sellström
The Public Health Agency of Sweden

3-full day Incentive Programm for Group from Norway
March, VILNIUS, Lithuania
The programme included Vilnius City Tour, lunches and dinners in nicest restaurants of Vilnius, special theatricalized programme Back to USSR in old Soviet Bunker in suburbs of Vilnius
"I had a long conversation with the leader of this group and he was VERY satisfied :)

He told me that the experience in the Bunker was spesial, he thinks it was very interesting. He told me about some one who became scared, but it was not a problem. 
Thank you very much for your help. You did a perfect job."
Tour Operator from Norway

Full 3-day Incentive Group from Denmark
September, RIGA, Latvia
Programme included: welcome presents in hotel rooms, sparkling wine on open-air terrace of Academy of Science, Kayaking tour around the Old Town of Riga, Jeep Safari and self off-road driving, local beer tasting, Kalashnikov shooting, dining in best restaurants of Riga.
"Dear Guna, 
the group was VERY happy about the whole trip, so you were right ! I have not had the specifics, just an overall very short feed back that people really liked the program. SO CONGRATULATION TO US !! :)
Once again thank you to everybody involved and please thank Lelde for me, the groups really like her.  
It has been a pleasure so far Guna, and I will be back with more business where I can give people advise about where to go. 
And I know that your hard work being “ on hands “ with the groups all the time, and that is so much appreciated. THANK YOU "
Director of Travel Company in Denmark.

Full 3-day Incentive Group from Denmark
September, RIGA, Latvia
Programme included: Airport transfer by Soviet bus, Rockn'n Roll party, Loquiz - Orientation Game by I-pads in Riga, including tasting of legendary Riga Black Balsam, Kayaking tour around Riga Old Town, Kalashnikov Shooting, lunch on open-air roof terrace, a visit to winery and tasting of Birch Sap wine, Latvian traditional dinner by the river.

"Dear Guna, 
just called you to say they had a FANTASTIC trip and they LOVED Lelde guide. She was so good all the way through and really good Danish. So please tell her this and thank her a 1000 times from me :) 

Also 1000 thanks to you Guna – you have really taken care of this group, and I can tell you, that it makes me feel very very safe. I also share everything with my other colleague and she will also think of you and Riga when we get requests that fit with the destination. 
Guna, you and Lelde are superstars and thank you so very very much."

Director of Travel Company in Denmark.