Riga Old Town + Art Nouveau (Jugendstile)

The tour highlights medieval Old Town with its cobbled stone streets, squares and courtyards, as wels as most popular tourist sites: Dome Square and Cathedral, Riga Castle, Town Hall and the House of Blackheads, Swedish Gates, Jacob’s Barracks, Liivs’ Square etc.

Riga Art Nouveau. A century ago, Riga, just as other European cities, was swept away by a style of architecture and living inspired by longing for creative freedom and daring opulence: art nouveau. By learning from nature, delighting in bunches of flowers, ornamentation, sinuous and undulating lines, relishing in antique beauty, fantasising about sphinxes, gryphons and Cerberuses, art nouveau rendered Riga more lavish, mysterious and seductive.
40% of buildings in the centre of Riga belong to art nouveau, which is more than in other European cities. Moreover, art and architecture connoisseurs believe that it is in Riga that art nouveau found especially powerful and sweeping expression. In order to preserve Old Riga, Riga’s wooden buildings and the art nouveau architecture, the historical centre of Riga has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Art nouveau (also known as Jugendstil in Germany, art nouveau in France, modernismo in Spain, Sezessionsstil in Austria, Stile Liberty or Stile Floreale in Italy) emerged in Europe at the turn of the twentieth century and continued its march of victory up until World War I.
Art nouveau in Latvia is closely connected to national romanticism, which is why some buildings feature not just the decorativism so typical for Europe, but also refer to Latvian spiritual values.
Raise your eyes upwards and discover Europe’s most beautiful art nouveau buildings for yourself!

The tour will also include entrance in Riga Jugendstile Museum.
The museum is located in an apartment which until 1907 was the dwelling place and a studio of the distinguished Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns (1859 – 1928). The design was created by K. Pēkšēns and his architecture student Eižens Laube. The museum interior has been restored to its authentic look of 1903.
The exposition presents an apartment interior of a residential house in early 20th century in Riga.

Length: 4 h
Combined tour by private car / bus and walking tour
Languages: English, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Spanish etc.

Entrances: Riga Jugendstile Museum, Dome Cathedral, St Peter's Church Tower